Thanos Features



  • Seamless integration with existing Prometheus setups
  • Global querying view across all connected Prometheus servers
  • De-duplication and merging of metrics collected from Prometheus
  • Scalable Thanos for large volume of data
  • Object Storage and Compactor Configuration
  • Visualization with Grafana tool
  • Easy integration points for custom metric providers


  • Highly Available Architecture Design
  • Cluster Deployment
  • Choice of Kuberneters / Docket Containers as needed
  • Deploy on Amazon AWS, Azure or Google Cloud GCP
  • Plan for long term storage with Object Storage and Compactor
  • Scale without limit for any large deployment, collect millions of metrics

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Altnix Advantage


Thanos Consulting and Architecture Design

Altnix provides professional services and Consulting for Thanos around monitoring IT infrastructure monitoring, network monitoring, application monitoring, server monitoring, and database monitoring. Consulting services includes the following:

  • Consulting for the adoption of Thanos and Prometheus
  • In-Depth Analysis of your monitoring requirements and scope study
  • Architecture Design and Hardware Sizing Guidelines
  • Solution Design Document that can be handed over to engineers for implementation

Thanos Implementation and Deployment

Altnix implements Thanos based monitoring solutions keeping in mind the business requirements. Implementation includes the following:

  • Thanos installation and setup
  • Kubernetes deployment for Thanos
  • Object Store Gateway integration
  • Compactor, Gateway, and Querier Implementation
  • Ruler and Alert Manager Implementation
  • High Availability and DR Consideration
  • Test and UAT Sign Off from Customer
  • Exporters configuration and KPI monitoring in Prometheus and Thanos
  • Training to operators and administrators managing Thanos
  • Documentation for future reference

Thanos Customization

Altnix can customize your Thanos installation so that it is a better fit for your business environment.

  • Developing new scripts for KPI monitoring
  • Exporter customization for non-standard KPI
  • Adding new monitoring scripts, plug-ins and components if needed

Third-Party Integration

Altnix can integrate Thanos with other third-party tools to meet several business use cases.

  • Ticketing systems such as IBM NetCool, BMC Remedy, Zendesk, and ((OTRS)) Community Edition
  • Network Management and Orchestrator tools such as HP NNM and Spiceworks
  • Other Monitoring tools such as Prometheus
  • An analytics tools such as ElasticSearch ELK Stack, Metabase or Jaspersoft
  • IT Automation Tools such as Ansible, Jenkins, and StackStorm
  • Visualization Tools such as Grafana, Graphite, and Cacti

24x7 AMC Support Services

Altnix offers 24x7 support services on an AMC or per hour basis for new or existing installations of Thanos. Our team of experts are available round the clock and respond to you within a predefined SLA.



Case Study: 4G/5G Cloud Infrastructure: Telecom

New 4G/5G Services for Telecom are being rolled out using a flexible Cloud infrastructure that uses the concept of Network Function Virtualization (NFVI). For leveraging maximum benefit from NFVI, it is important to know exact usage of the infrastructure as well as any performance bottlenecks.

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Customer Highlights

  • More than 300 Million End Users
  • Very Large Scale Deployment
  • Scalable Flexible Solution
  • Telecom Infrastructure on Virtualized Model
  • Cost Optimized for Exact Usage Volumes
  • Increase End User Satisfaction and Service Quality

Solution Highlights

  • OpenStack based deployment
  • Virtualization using NFVI technology
  • Prometheus, Grafana and Elastic Search
  • Detailed knowledge of all parts of Infra
  • Monitoring for Performance
  • In-Depth Analytics and KPIs
  • Correlation and Machine Learning
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Distributed Design for Scalability
  • Insight into delays and bottlenecks
  • Performance Reports and Compliance


Industry: Telecom

Products: Prometheus, Thanos, Grafana, ElasticSearch



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