Zenoss Features



  • Zenoss detects and identifies devices connected to your network. Immediately following the initial discovery.
  • Zenoss builds a detailed model of devices, their configuration, network dependencies, and router. Which is then used to enable all other functions.
  • Dynamic Service Views gives you the ability to use these models to check device dependencies in real-time


  • Zenoss discovers the routes to every device and builds a network map. It uses this network map to discover relationships among routes and devices.
  • A simple network presence is a good, basic indicator of service availability.
  • Zenoss goes further allowing you to easily determine if web, mail, file transfer, and many other services are working.

 Availability Monitoring



Performance Monitoring

  • Zenoss collects and stores performance data by using several methods including SNMP, WMI, shell commands, and application APIs. 
  • It then analyzes the data for user-defined threshold violations and makes the data available through analytical charts and makes the data available through analytical charts and reports.
  • Zenoss provides data for both single value thresholds and predictive thresholds so that you are alerted on pressing issues that need immediate correction and evolving issues for pro-active measures.


  • Zenoss provides a single event console that brings together events from all managed devices with Zenoss-generated alerts.
  • Excellent notification and escalation management ensures that the right people become aware of critical problems, and automatic up-down correlation helps you focus on real issues, not momentary interruptions. Keeping up with a large number of events is straightforward in Zenoss. New events are visually distinct from past acknowledged events.
  • Acknowledging events is a powerful and simple way for your support team to collaborate. This allows you to respond to issues rapidly without stepping over each other’s efforts.

 Event Management



Altnix Advantage

Zenoss Consulting

Altnix provides business analysis and architecture design for Zenoss and related products around monitoring requirements that include IT infrastructure monitoring, network monitoring, application monitoring, server monitoring, and database monitoring. Zenoss architecture design includes the following:

  • Consulting for Adoption of Zenoss Monitoring tool
  • In-Depth Analysis of your monitoring requirements and scope study
  • Hardware Sizing Guidelines and choice of physical versus virtual hardware
  • Architecture and Solution Design Document that can be handed over to engineers for implementation

Zenoss Implementation and Deployment

Altnix implements Zenoss based monitoring solutions keeping in mind the business requirements. Implementation includes the following:

  • Hardware Readiness and Preparation
  • Zenoss Installation and Setup
  • High Availability and DR consideration
  • Configuration and Fine Tuning of Zenoss Modules
  • Test and development Phase
  • UAT sign off after consultation with the customer
  • Reports and Charts as per Customer requirements
  • Training to operators and administrators managing Zenoss installation
  • Documentation for future reference

Zenoss Customization

Altnix can customize your Zenoss installation so that it is a better fit to your business environment.

  • Zenpack development for Monitoring parts of IT infrastructure
  • Creating new visualizations and dashboards as per customer needs
  • Creating custom reports and charts as per customer needs
  • Adding new monitoring scripts, plug-ins and components if needed

Third-Party Integration

Altnix can integrate Zenoss with other third-party tools to meet several business use cases.

  • Ticketing systems such as IBM NetCool, BMC Remedy, Zendesk, and ((OTRS)) Community Edition
  • Network Management and Orchestrator tools such as HP NNM and Spiceworks
  • IT Analytics Tools such as ElasticSearch, Metabase, and JasperSoft
  • IT Automation Tools such as Ansible, StackStorm, and Jenkins
  • Visualization Tools such as Grafana, Graphite and Cacti

24x7 AMC Support Services

Altnix offers 24x7 support services on an AMC or per hour basis for new or existing installations on Zenoss. Our team of experts are available round the clock and respond to you within a predefined SLA.

Case Studies


Knute Weicke

Security Head, IT

Fellowes Inc, USA



Altnix was an instrumental partner in two phases of our Security ISO needs. The first being a comprehensive developed Service/Ticketing system for our global offices. The second being that of an Asset Management tool that ties all assets into our Ticketing systems to close a gap that we had in that category. They are strong partners in working towards a viable solution for our needs



The Altnix team was very easy to work with and resolved our needs in a timely manner.  Working with Altnix, allowed us to focus on our core business while they handled the technical components to help streamline our business tools.  We have found a strategic partner in Altnix



Johnnie Rucker

General Manager

Encore Global Solutions, USA

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