Altnix Scales up Nagios Monitoring Expertise

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April 23rd, 2014: Altnix has announced that it is scaling up its Nagios monitoring expertise that covers Implementation, Customization, and 24x7 Monitoring Help desk services. Customers can now take advantage of these services to monitor Network Devices, Servers, Applications, Databases, and Cloud Infrastructure.

Infrastructure monitoring enables CIOs and CTOs to make a real-time assessment of the entire infrastructure and predict IT infrastructure failures. Proactive infrastructure monitoring is a key tool for understanding the health status of the entire infrastructure and for preventing unexpected failures and downtime. Nagios is the number one tool for infrastructure monitoring in the world that can monitor end to end infrastructure within a single tool including Servers, Network Devices, Storage Devices, Applications, and Databases. Nagios provides enterprise-grade features including Configuration Wizards, Dashboards, Views, Real-time Alerts, Reports, and Escalation Matrix.

“Altnix has rolled out several implementations for Nagios successfully for global customers”, said Allauddin Rehmattullah, “We are scaling our operations further to include on-premise monitoring, the cloud infrastructure monitoring and monitoring as a Service. We believe that Nagios is the right platform for our Monitoring portfolio”.

Altnix has proven expertise in rolling out complete monitoring infrastructure solutions for global customers. Altnix can consult your organization on implementation strategies for on-premise. Altnix can implement monitoring solutions for on-premise and cloud infrastructures. Altnix also provides dedicated 24x7 monitoring services that can be used by customers as a remote monitoring service. Refer to for more details.

Using the monitoring services from Altnix, customers can identify performance bottlenecks in their infrastructure, performance pro-active maintenance, improve IT availability uptimes, and hence overall productivity of their organization.


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