GLPi Network Help Desk, Assets and ITSM Training Courses

Altnix offers Training courses on GLPi Network software for all modules such as Asset Management, Help Desk, ITSM, Problem Management, and Change Management. Altnix can train your employees on how to set up new GLPi installation as well as administer GLPi on a daily basis. Altnix provides standard courses and custom training modules tailored for specific organizational requirements. Altnix is an authorized Silver Partner for GLPi Network.


    Altnix is an authorized partner for the GLPi Network product developed by Teclib. Our team has been working with GLPi for more than 10 years now. Our team has implemented and supported GLPi Network for customers of all sizes across the globe.



Course offered for GLPi Network Administration


 Altnix offers the following training courses of GLPi Network Edition.


 Course ID and Course Name  Price Per Attendee  Upcoming Class Schedule

 Course ID 43101:GLPi Help Desk & Asset Management Administrator Training - Basic Course

Help Administrator training will cover topics required for setting a Help Desk and Service Desk facility using the GLPi Help Desk and Asset Management features.

For details on the course refer to the table below

 USD 950

Aug 24,25,26

Sep 13,14,15

 Course ID 43102: GLPi Network ITSM Administrator Training - Advanced Course

GLPi ITSM training will enable attendees to set up a complete ITSM framework using the ITSM features in GLPi such as Incident Management, Problem Management, and Change Management.

For details on the course content please contact us

USD 1450

Sep 20,21

Oct 5,6

 Course ID 43103: GLPi Advanced Developer Training

GLPi Developer course enables attendees to modify and customize the GLPi Asset Management and ITSM features. System integration with 3rd party tools using APIs will also be covered.

For details on the course content please contact us

 USD 1950  Contact Us


Course Syllabus


GLPi Network Help Desk Administrator Training – Basic


Duration of the course: 3 Days

Mode of Delivery: In-Person or Live On-Line

Attendees must be familiar with the following topics:

  • Experience at working at the IT Help Desk or Service Desk environment
  • Must understand a Ticket Life Cycle managed at typical IT support operations
    basic knowledge of Linux Operating System


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 Topics Covered



GLPi Installation

Operating System-Level Dependencies

GLPi Installation Process

GLPi Network Basics

Overall GLPi Architecture

File Locations and Directory Structure

Module Overview

GLPi Network versus Community Edition


Entity Overview

Multi-Entities in GLPi

Root Entity

Asset Management Module

Overview of Assets

Pre-defined Assets (Computers, Monitors, Software, etc)

Asset Management using GLPi

Components and Relationships

Discovery of Assets

Using Fusion Inventory for Asset Discovery

Installing Agents for Fusion Inventory

Network SNMP Based Discovery - Basics

Service Categories

Creating Service Categories

Using Sub Categories


Basic Understanding of Groups

Using Multiple Groups and Sub Groups

Mapping Services to Queues


Creating Technician

Roles and Permissions for Technicians

Assigning Technicians to Groups and Categories

ACL and access controls for Technicians


Creating new customer users in GLPi

 Service-level Agreements

Defining Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Mapping SLAs to Tickets

Using Priorities with SLA


Creating and Using Rules in GLPi


Reservation Feature in GLPi

Using Reservations in GLPi

 Mail Settings

 Mail Gateway setup

 Email address and Alias definition


 Defining the escalation matrix in GLPi

 Approaches to Escalations


 Triggering notifications to agents and customers

 Notification Templates

 Auto Responses

Auto-response templates

 Calendars And Time Zones

 Defining Calendars and Time Zones

 Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore of GLPi


Basic Report generation in GLPi

Introduction to More Reporting Module (M-Reports)



GLPi Network Help Desk Administrator Training – Advanced


Duration of the course: 2 Days

Mode of Delivery: In-Person or Live On-Line

Attendees must be familiar with the following topics:

  • Must have completed GLPI Help Desk Basic Administrator Training course OR have 2 years of Experience managing with GLPi
  • Complete understanding of ITIL concepts of Service Management
  • Good Knowledge of Linux operating systems
  • Basic understanding of integration techniques using APIs


Click for Advanced Course Training Syllabus



 Topics Covered



Problem Management

Overview of Problem Management

Problem Management basic workflow

Change Management

Overview of Change Management Overview

Basic Change Management workflow

Incident Management

Incident Management Overview in GLPi

Advanced Configuration Options

New Components

New Pull Downs

Root Entity

Advanced Management Menu

Budget Management

Contract Management

License Management

Software Management

Data Center Management

Rules Management

Role-Based Access

Using Templates with Role Bases Access

Profiles Access Options



Integration with Active Directory or LDAP



Overview of APIs in GLPi


API based Integration with Third party tools

Metabase Reporting

Integration with Metabase Reporting Tool

Creating new Dashboards in Metabase


Using Plugins in GLPI

Plugin Library Overview

Using Plugins in GLPi


Form Designer in GLPI

New Form Designer in GLPi


Using Forms in GLPi

CMDB and CI Relationship

Concept of CI and CMDB


Relationship Mapping in CMDB

Linking Objects

Cross Linking between GLPi Objects

Integration with Monitoring Tool

Integration with Zabbix Monitoring tool


High Availability in GLPI

Approach to High Availability in GLPi

Single Sign on


Import Export in GLPi

Approach to Export Import of Data in GLPI



Hands-on Lab Exercises

All our training courses use hands-on lab exercises for more efficient learning. Altnix will setup machines in our lab for attendees to follow the course contents.


Customized Training

Customers already using GLPi may need customized training on specialized topics of interest. In such cases, Altnix can provide custom training courses based on your requirements. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a custom training session.


For Registration

Please contact our training team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and on the phone please call +1-800-913-5553 or +91-70-4524-1620