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Altnix offers Training Course on StackStorm tool that can be used for Automation, Remediation, Continuous deployment, and ChatOps Integration between Applications, Databases, and IT infrastructure. After attending this training, you will know how to integrate infrastructure and applications with StackStorm and how to automate tasks and implement complete workflows.


Courses on StackStorm Automation Tool


Altnix offers the following training courses of StackStorm tool


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 Course ID 52104: StackStorm Administrator Training

StackStorm Administrator training will cover topics required for setting a basic automation and integration platform using StackStorm.

For details on the course refer to the table below

 USD 2450 On-Demand

Course ID 52106: Workflow Automation and ChatOps Integration with StackStorm

The contents for this course will be customized based on attendees and their company needs.

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Course Syllabus


Course Syllabus for StackStorm Administrator Training


Duration of the course: 4-5 Days

Mode of Delivery: In-Person or Live On-Line

Attendees must be familiar with the following topics:

  • Linux Shell Scripting or Windows PowerShell Scripting
  • Complete knowledge of Linux OS
  • Basic Understanding of Networking Domain (Ports, Protocols, IP Addresses, etc)
  • Experience with System Integration of IT Applications
  • Basic understanding of Automation concepts
  • Knowledge of Python will be preferable
  • At least 5 years of experience in IT infrastructure related domain


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Introduction to StackStorm

Features and Capabilities, IFTTT Concept



System Requirements and HW Guidelines

OS Support and Hardware Requirements



StackStorm Architecture Overview

Stackstorm Product Architecture


Mongo DB, Rabbit MQ, PostgreSQL, NGINX, LDAP


Role of Plugins


Technology Stack Components



Source Code Based Installation

Installing on Linux (CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu)

Installation Using Containers

Docker Based Install


How to Achieve HA using Docker




Kubernetes based Install


version binning on MongoDB - Enterprise


Load Balancer Issues


How to custom install Kubernetes


Helm Deployment







Creating Actions in Stackstorm

Concept of Actions in StackStorm


Defining New Actions


Using Parameters and Variables inside Actions


Running an Action


Troubleshooting Actions


Using existing Scripts inside Actions

Using Sensors for Event Detection

Concept of Sensors and Triggers in Stackstorm


Difference between Sensors and Triggers


Creating a New Sensor in Stackstorm


Running a Sensor


Using an External Pack as a Sensor


Troubleshooting Sensors



Rules inside StackStorm

Concept of Rules inside StackStorm


Creating new Rules inside StackStorm


Using Triggers Inside Rules


Using Criteria Inside Rules


Using Actions inside Rules


Concept of Timers


Testing Rules created in StackStorm



Workflows Management

Concept of Workflows in StackStorm


Creating new Workflows in Stackstorm


ActionChain Worklfow Engine


Mistral Workflow Engine


Orquesta Workflow Engine



Packs in StackStorm

Concept of Packs in StackStorm


Using Third party Packs for StackStorm


Discovering and installing Packs in StackStorm


Developing a New Pack Concept



Webhooks in StackStorm

Concept of Webhooks


Difference between Webhooks and Sensors


Authentication for a Webhook


Registering and Using a Webhook


Troubleshooting Webhooks



DataStore in StackStorm

Overview of Datastore


Using Datastore for storing any Data pairs


Using Datastore inside Actions and Rules



Chat Operations (ChatOps)

Concept of ChatOps


Supported ChatOps in StackStorm


Integration Architecture in StackStorm


Configuring Chat Ops in StackStorm


Using Actions in ChatOps


Deploying Packs in ChatOps



Authentication in StackStorm

Overall Authentication Architecture


Using Standalone Authentication


External Authentication


Using LDAP for Authentication


Testing Authentication



Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Concept of RBAC


Enabling RBAC in StackStorm


Creating Roles and Assignments


Granting Roles and Permissions


Controlling Access Permissions


Testing RBAC Feature



History and Auditing

History record of all activities on StackStorm


Backend Database for Auditing


Using Audit Logs



Metrics and Report Collection

Enabling metrics for Reporting


Collecting Metrics


Graphs and Reports using Graphite


Analytics using Metrics



Using Community Plugins

Overview of Community


Types of Community Packs Available


Downloading and Using a Community Pack



Troubleshooting Resources

Enabling Debug Mode


Sensors and Rules Troubleshooting


ChatOps Troubleshooting


Troubleshooting Webhooks


REST API Access information


Hands-on Lab Exercises

All our training courses use hands-on lab exercises for more efficient learning. Altnix will setup machines in our lab for attendees to follow the course contents.


Customized Training

Customers already using StackStorm may need customized training on specialized topics of interest. In such cases, Altnix can provide custom training courses based on your requirements. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a custom training session.


For Registration

Please contact our training team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and on the phone please call +1-800-913-5553 or +91-70-4524-1620