New Employee On-Boarding Automation


Enabling a New Employee to be productive from the first day of joining your company is a key business consideration. Many industries such as ITES, BPO, Call Centers, Customer Services, Insurance, and other white-collar jobs are dependent on people being productive. Each day of delay in becoming productive leads to real measurable business loss. Further, a bad on-boarding experience leads to a negative impression about your company and the Human Resource department in particular. is there a way to minimize this problem?


 Problem Statement: Typical New Employee On-Boarding Process

Following are the common symptoms seen at any organization while on-boarding a new employee

  • Any new employee joining the organization needs access to workspace, laptop, email, and other IT resources before starting work
  • Many departments are included in the new employee on-boarding process - Human Resources, IT, Admin, Finance, Payroll and Security
  • Often there are many days of delay in allocating these resources
  • An employee is frustrated and leads to a negative impression of the company
  • Cross-Departmental coordination is the root cause of these delays
  • HR Department typically gets calls from Employee on this delay and has to be answerable to new employee


Solution Approach: Use Process Automation for Reducing Delays


The right way to approach this problem is to find ways to automate this entire process using a combination of tools and people.

  • Automation of on-boarding process using an automation tool
  • Cross integration between HR Tools, IT Tools, and Facilities department with the Process Management tool
  • Automatic ticket creation for each task involved in the on-boarding process
  • Automatic Routing of tasks to different departments and teams
  • Assignment of Deadlines and SLA Tracking to ensure that nobody misses their deadlines
  • Escalation to Managers in case of delays
  • Final closure of the on-boarding process with notifications to the HR Manager and New Employee
  • Pre-planning so that final closure date is a couple of days before the day to the new Employee joining

 Following diagram shows an example of process automation:




Does This work?

Yes, we have implemented this kind of automation workflows at fairly large companies. We have seen improvements in turn around times where the time is taken to set up a new Employee on-board has reduced from 2 weeks to just 3 days. With correctly planning, you can ensure that the process is triggered right after the job offer is made. Once you know the date of joining of the employee is known, this process ensures that the New employee is on-boarding with all his assets fully operational on the day of his joining the company!