Amazon AWS Management Services


Altnix can manage your entire Amazon AWS infrastructure include EC2 Compute Engines, EBS and S3 Storage elements, Networking, Elastic Load Balancer, Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, and High-Performance Compute (HPC) architecture. Our team of experts provides you with consultation on optimizing your AWS infrastructure and deploying your business applications on AWS. Our team handles the challenges of management and monitoring of your AWS infrastructure on a 24x7 basis at affordable cost points.


Amazon AWS Technology Stack

AWS offers elastic resources around the entire technology stack including the following:

  • Compute Resources: Elastic Compute (EC2), Auto Scaling and Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) for different types of computing use cases
  • Storage Elements: S3 storage, Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and Glacier for short term and long term storage requirements
  • Database Elements: RDS, DynamoDB, and ElastiCache for supporting database and caching requirements
  • Networking Elements: Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), VPC and Route 53 for managing networking and traffic requirements
  • Additional Elements: Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic Search, Cloud Formation, CloudFront and CloudWatch for providing additional application-related services for Application deployment, Content Distribution, and Monitoring requirements

Amazon AWS Consultation and Architecture Design

Altnix has in-depth experience in building robust scalable architectures in the cloud. While Amazon AWS is very flexible, it needs in-depth expertise to build an optimized cloud architecture for running your business applications or websites. Our team can guide you on the architectural design for the entire infrastructure on Amazon AWS.

Amazon AWS Infrastructure Implementation

Once the architecture is finalized, our team implements that architecture in the Amazon AWS cloud. We understand your business roadmap and accordingly build a short term and long term infrastructure roadmap for your applications and websites. With Altnix, you don’t need to invest in IT staff who are experienced in Amazon AWS.

Migration to Amazon AWS Cloud Infrastructure

For customers who are running applications on traditional infrastructure, migrating to Amazon AWS provides several business and technical benefits. In such cases, Altnix can help customers migrate their applications from on-premise infrastructure or other hosting providers on to Amazon AWS. Our team takes care of mapping the existing infrastructure into the Amazon AWS platform and optimizing the AWS architecture.

24x7 Management and Monitoring Services for Amazon AWS

Altnix provides on-going management and monitoring services for the Amazon AWS infrastructure and applications running on them.

  • 24x7 Management using our network operations center (NOC)
  • Infrastructure Health Check for entire AWS stack
  • Database Performance analysis and tuning for Amazon RDS
  • Daily Data Backup management activities
  • On-Going maintenance tasks on a regular basis
  • Incident Management and Incident Resolution
  • Reporting on Infrastructure Usage on AWS
  • Disaster Recovery and High Availability process framework as needed on AWS

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