Azure Cloud Management Services


Altnix offers management services for the Azure Cloud platform from Microsoft. Customers adopting Azure for Enterprise-grade applications typically need guidance on Cloud Architecture, Migration of existing infrastructure to the Cloud, and finally on-going management and maintenance of the Azure cloud infrastructure. Our team of experts provides Consultation, Implementation, and 24x7 management services for customers looking to adopt the Azure Cloud platform.


Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Azure Cloud Platform offers several types of services that can be used across different applications:

  • Compute Services: Compute services from Azure include Virtual Machines, Cloud SDK Platform, Websites, and Mobile Computing related services
  • Data Services: Microsoft Azure offers both relational and non-relational databases including SQL Database. Additionally, Azure offers data related services such as Storage, Backup, HDInsight, and Site Recovery services.
  • Apps Services: App Services from Azure make it easier for developers to create and deploy applications in the Azure cloud. Customers can choose from several Apps services such as Media Services, Authentication Services, Visual Studio Online, BizTalk Services, CDN and Automation Services
  • Network Services: Network services in Azure provide options to define network topologies and managed both your on-premise infrastructure and Azure cloud infrastructure in hybrid environments. Express Route, Traffic Manager, and Virtual Network are some of the network services that customers can use.

Microsoft Azure Platform Consultation and Architecture Design

Building Enterprise applications in Azure Cloud requires high-end knowledge about Cloud infrastructure and hosting related technology. Altnix has years of experience in deploying and managing applications in different cloud infrastructure. Our team provides consultation on the best approach to the Azure Cloud platform and the best choice of architecture that optimizes performance and cost.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Implementation

Our team can implement different applications on the Azure cloud platform. We understand how the different architectural pieces on Azure can be leveraged for your application. Hence our team can implement any complex hosting architecture in an efficient manner on Azure Cloud.

Migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud

For applications that are already running on your own servers in house, Altnix provides migration services for your infrastructure where we can migrate from any physical infrastructure to the Azure cloud. We replace physical architecture with suitable Azure cloud architecture and then migrate the applications and data.

24x7 Management and Monitoring Services for Azure Platform

Altnix provides on-going management and monitoring services for the Azure cloud infrastructure including the following.

  • 24x7 Management from our network operations center (NOC)
  • Infrastructure Health Check for Azure Cloud
  • Database Performance analysis and tuning for Azure Databases
  • Daily Data Backup management activities
  • Incident Management and Incident Resolution
  • Reporting on Infrastructure Usage on Azure Platform
  • Application uptime guarantee and availability as per pre-defined SLA
  • Disaster Recovery and High Availability process framework on Azure Platform

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