Managed Services for ((OTRS)) Community Edition Help Desk and ITSM

Altnix managed services for ((OTRS)) Community Edition Help Desk and ITSM is ideal for small and medium enterprises that do not have in-house expertise with Ticketing Systems software. With hosted Managed ((OTRS)) Community Edition, the customer gets ready to use the ticketing system instance hosted in the cloud. The Altnix team takes care of the management and maintenance of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition application. 


Business Benefits of Managed ((OTRS)) Community Edition Help Desk and ITSM

All the star features of ((OTRS)) Community Edition : ((OTRS)) Community Edition Ticketing System is an industry-leading open source ticketing system that is used by thousands of customers across the world. ((OTRS)) Community Edition offers Help Desk, ITSM module, process management, asset management, change management, and workflow processes around Help Desk and Support ticket use cases. ((OTRS)) Community Edition is an Enterprise-grade software that supports all enterprise requirements such as LDAP integration, multi-tenancy, access controls, and third-party integrations.
Fully Hosted Managed ((OTRS)) Community Edition: The Managed ((OTRS)) Community Edition instance is fully managed by the Altnix team. We take care of on-going daily management, patches, upgrades, performance optimizations, security management, backup and restore in case of application failures and overall application uptime for ((OTRS)) Community Edition.
Guaranteed Application Uptime: Altnix team monitors the ((OTRS)) Community Edition application using our 24x7 NOC team and monitoring tools thereby providing guaranteed application availability as per pre-defined service level agreements (SLA). Altnix team takes care of the technical challenges around on-going application management.
Implementation and Customization Services: For customers who are looking for a one-stop solution for their ((OTRS)) Community Edition requirements, the Altnix team also provides implementation, configuration, customization, and maintenance services for customers.

Managed Services on ((OTRS)) Community Edition Options

Altnix offers different types of managed services on ((OTRS)) Community Edition application that suits the needs of small and medium customers. For larger customers, Altnix also offers an enterprise-grade managed services offering that is flexible and fully customizable.

Managed ((OTRS)) Community Edition Consulting Services

Altnix provides consulting services for Managed ((OTRS)) Community Edition Help Desk and ITSM. We are able to provide guidance for the overall architecture as well as low-level implementation details for customers who are looking for a robust ticketing system and ITSM tool.

Managed ((OTRS)) Community Edition Implementation and Customization Services

Altnix also provides implementation and customization services for Managed ((OTRS)) Community Edition Help Desk and ITSM tool. Our team has expertise in deploying and managing ((OTRS)) Community Edition based ticketing system for small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises.

Migration to Managed ((OTRS)) Community Edition

Customers may have already installed ((OTRS)) Community Edition on a physical server at their office premises or at a data center. For those customers, Altnix provides free migration services where we migrate the existing ((OTRS)) Community Edition instance to other Managed ((OTRS)) Community Edition cloud infrastructure.

24x7 Support for Managed ((OTRS)) Community Edition Help Desk and ITSM

Altnix offers 24x7 anytime, anywhere support for Managed ((OTRS)) Community Edition Help Desk and ITSM. Ongoing management of ((OTRS)) Community Edition includes the following activities:

  • 24x7 pro-active monitoring from our Network Operations Team (NOC)
  • Daily Data Backup of ((OTRS)) Community Edition with up to 7 days of datastore
  • Full system restore in case of application failure
  • Patches and Upgrades on ((OTRS)) Community Edition application
  • Additional Plug-ins and Modules installed and managed as needed by the customer
  • On-going changes to ((OTRS)) Community Edition configuration such as Queues, Agents, Services

Disclaimer: OTRS is a registered trademark that belongs to OTRS AG Germany. Altnix does not make any claims on trademarks related to OTRS.